Patè and spreadable creams


A rich selection of creams and patés, ideal to spread on bread, to pair with cheeses, or simply to season a first course. Only ingredients carefully selected by our producers to ensure maximum taste and quality. Gluten-free and perfect for vegetarian and vegan meals, here you can also find the “Chiacchietegli” Slowfood garrison.
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Zafferano Pontino

Saffron Pontino was born in the plains of the Agro Pontino, from which it takes its name. The flowers are harvested at dawn when still closed, the spilling and drying are carried out on the same day to avoid altering the aromatic properties.

Latte e Luna

Ecodermocompatible Natural Cosmetics
Latte e Luna – Products without water.

Recompacting, restitutive, soothing. This active serum is composed of concentrated oils and functional substances of vegetable origin. Avocado, rosa mosqueta, castor, tocopherol, elicriso and camomile: a perfect mix of oils and extracts present in nature, with the best antioxidant and redensifying active ingredients, for a safe anti-aging cosmetic effect, effective and irreplaceable.

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Viscotta Sanfeliciana
Recipes13 April 2019

Anche San Felice Circeo ha la sua versione di un tradizionale lievitato pasquale popolare in tutta Italia: la Viscotta. Si tratta di un “pane di Pasqua”, un lievitato dolce che si sposa bene sia con creme alla nocciola e marmellate, sia con la corallina, un salame a grana grossa. LA VISCOTTA SANFELICIANA La Viscotta è il nome… Read more »

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