Bitter of the Laurel oak

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Legend about the origin of the Laurel plant.

Legend has it that Apollo, god of health and father of medical science, declared his love to a young woman named Dáphne. This nymph, daughter of Mother Earth, Gaea and the river Peneo, lived serene in the woods and refused the love of Apollo. He tried to kidnap her and she fled asking for help from Mother Earth who turned the young woman into a Laurel plant. From that day on, Apollo brought a laurel wreath to his head in memory of his love. The Roman emperors girdled the head of Laurel during the triumphs and ceremonies as if it were a precious crown. This custom has continued over time but to be crowned or “graduates” were no longer the sovereigns but the young poets and writers.

The Aurora company s.r.l. from an ancient recipe produced “Elixir Amaro D’Alloro” carefully selects the best leaves from the most vigorous plants and collects them in the best balsamic moment. The laurel is a very widespread plant in the countries with a temperate climate and grows wild in all the Mediterranean countries but especially in Italy, it is widely used as an ornamental plant, as well as appreciated for its aromatic fragrance. The particularity lies in its leaves that do not lose the aroma even after cooking. The Amaro d’Alloro Elixir is an excellent bitter of unique quality with an intensely aromatic, delicate taste and exceptional digestive qualities. You can enjoy it at any time of the day, preferably cold.

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