Casino Re Rosmary Olive Oil



The rosemary oil has numerous beneficial properties , both for the body and for our health in general . In all the aromatherapy , rosemary oil is one of the most used oils , thanks to its ability to cure physical diseases and also any mood swings . According to Greek mythology , was Athena planted the first olive tree , a tree that would give a fabulous juice. The oil flavored with rosemary is ideal for seasoning the chicken or any kind of meat and fish .

nutritional info
Values per 100g . Product :
Energy content Kcal 884
Fat grams . 100
Polyphenols > 100 mg / kg
oleic acid 72 %

100 ml bottle

The flavored oils are obtained by the infusion of the ingredients of extra virgin olive oil of own production, in order to preserve the authenticity and exalt the individual fragrances .


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