Clean and Happy


Oil based cleansing system

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Clean and happy is a cleansing system based on oils, similar to the delicate skin structure of the baby and highly soothing and effective. It does not contain surfactants. It thoroughly cleanses without attacking and is suitable for the daily hygiene of the whole body, even in the intimate area. It allows you to have a product that is always fresh, free of preservatives, to always be carried with you, instead of common wet wipes.

HOW IT WORKS: pour Baby Oil and Chamomile Water into the graduated flask provided, following the notches drawn on the bottle, and shake before each use. For cleansing the intimate areas, remove any residues of faeces and urine with the help of disposable wipes moistened with water or mixture. For the bath, apply the biphasic mixture to the body of the baby, massage gently and rinse with wet PezzoLinda Baby.

WARNINGS: respect the indicated doses to mix Chamomile and Baby Oil. The two-phase mixture of water and oil lasts two weeks from the time of preparation, if stored in a cool and dry place. The biphasic mixture can be dosed for 50 ml or 25 ml.

CONTAINS: 1 Chamomile Water 125 ml; 1 Baby Oil 75 ml; 1 graduated dispenser with 50 ml spray cap; 10 disposable dry wipes; 1 pezzolinda baby


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