Facial care box

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An impalpable caress on the skin of the face, it is a cream with fresh and flowery notes. Nourishing and rich, thanks to the oil of rose mosqueta and to the generous dose of tocopherol which, combined with the oil of apricot seeds, guarantees a relaxing, restorative and anti-aging action.

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Versatile and suitable for use in all seasons of the year, it lends itself to any cosmetic need by modulating the applied quantity. A cream with which you are never wrong. Rewarding, restorative and soothing stick based on avocado, rose mosqueta, vitamin E, helichrysum and chamomile. Formulated to give elasticity and hydration, it counteracts the action of free radicals, which causes skin aging, and restores the hydro-lipid balance, responsible for dryness. A perfect mix of oils and extracts present in nature, with the best antioxidant and redensifying active ingredients, for a sure anti-aging cosmetic effect, effective and irreplaceable.

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