First Skin 30% 106 ml

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Restorative soothing ointment effect

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Formulated for the most sensitive and / or allergic skin, Prima Pelle 30%, for its special soothing properties, is ideal for any skin fragility. The decongestant action of the chamomile and calendula extracts, combined with the presence of pumpkin seed oil, eudermic, antiseptic and highly hygienic, make the product ideal for any inflammatory condition, even in the presence of compromised skin. Its body makes it performing during the repair processes, providing a non-occlusive barrier effect, which allows the skin to breathe and favors its self-regenerative processes. The must-have of the whole line, lends itself to every use and need and can be applied in every part of the body. Product free of allergenic substances.

apply the ointment on well-cleaned skin one or more times a day. In case of dehydration, massage until completely absorbed. On compromised skin, or in the acute manifestation phase, leave a light layer of product on the surface.

adjuvant in reparative processes in case of dermatitis, sunburn, xerosis and itching, reactions to insect bites, rash, dermatitis pertaining to pediatric and contact and during diaper changes. Ideal also in the repair processes of
fissures and fissures. Used regularly under the armpits, with its antibacterial action, it inhibits the formation of unpleasant odors.

rice husk oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula extract,
chamomile extract, pumpkin seed oil, tocopherol (vit.E).
castor oil.

without fragrance.

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