Lemon flavored oil 0,25 Casino Re



The flavored Casino Re, with chili, makes your recipes even richer in flavor; prepared by direct milling of monocultivar itrana olives and local chillies, it is ideal for meat recipes.
Lemon flavored is indicated for all recipes based on fish; obtained by milling itrana olives with local lemons of first choice from autonomous production.

Nutritional info
Values ​​for 100gr. of product:
Energy content Kcal 884
Fat gr. 100
Polyphenols> 100 mg / kg
Oleic acid 72%

Hot pepper: spicy on the palate, hint of red pepper, red-amber color. 100 ml bottle

Lemon: oil with a classic taste with a pleasant lemon flavor. 100 ml bottle

Additional information

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