Soft wheat flour 00


Flour obtained with the national wheat of the agro pontino.

PacksKg 1 / Kg 5 / Kg 10 / Kg 25
W240 / 260
Absorptionfrom 65% to 70%
UseSuitable for all uses (desserts, bread, pizza)

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The common wheat is obtained from the vegetable species triticum aestivum, better known as “common wheat”. The soft wheat is characterized by friable grains, from the grinding of these grains you get the white flour for the production of bread, pizzas, sweets and other leavened products. When it comes to white flour of soft wheat, doubts arise immediately about the differences between type 00 and 0 flour, even between type 0, 1 and 2 flour.

Type 00 flour
It has undergone a 50% shedding. 00 flour is the most refined flour, obtained from the heart of the soft wheat grain and therefore richer in carbohydrates.

The degree of sifting indicates the milling yield, ie the amount of flour obtained by grinding 100 kg of soft wheat. The higher the percentage and the more flour is obtained, then the higher the percentage and the less refined the flour is because they begin to grind even the outer layers (and hard) of the soft wheat grain. From 100 kg of soft wheat you get 100 kg of whole wheat flour and only 50 kg of refined flour of type 00.

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