Special flour 00 Pizza


Obtained from the mixture of national wheat and manitoba wheat.

PacksKg 1 / Kg 5 / Kg 10 / Kg 25
W260 / 280
Use Ideal for pizza with direct dough and long leavening.

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As we know, the pizza dough can be soft and soft, crumbly or spongy: these characteristics depend essentially on the type of flour used or, better said, the flour mixture.
Pizzas, such as focaccia, savory pies and oven-baked specialties in general, can present themselves differently depending on the chosen flour. In fact, in addition to water, oil, salt and yeast, flour is a main ingredient for pizza preparation.
Do not forget, of course, that leavening, climate, the environment, the temperature of the oven and the cooking mode are factors that weigh heavily on the final product.

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