Olio E.V.O. tin

The extra virgin olive oil comes from the simple transformation of olives in oil. The intrinsic characteristics of the fruit, the correct procedures for collecting, the timing and the pressing or grinding in the mill are key factors for the final product quality. The extra virgin olive oil is the oil obtained from the first pressing of olives harvested when they are perfectly ripe, without having come in contact with the ground, then picked by hand (picking) or with special shakers (combing) and who have not undergone other treatment in addition to washing and the separation from the leaves (cleaning). The timing of the collection vary according to the variety of olive and meteorological factors and stability, and in a time frame ranging from late October to mid-December. Anticipating the collection you avoid losing the harvest due to unfavorable weather conditions; you also get a best olive oil, more rich in polyunsaturated acids and antioxidants. The collection of the delay may increase the acidity, but in some cases it is justified with the fact of obtaining a better yield of oil. The ripe olives give a more delicate and less spicy oil, but not better from an organoleptic point of view.

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