Sezze sweets

……… It would be better not to talk about it so as not to be accused of ” tear- inducing diets ” . But we have to talk about it all right ! The two princesses sisters sweets Sezze are the tart sour cherry and almond paste . Both united by the use as the egg yolk is used for the tarts and the egg white is used for the almond paste . Sour cherries are a fruit that belongs to the genre of cherries and sour cherries but are black and very bitter , and it was a very present time in the Lepine Mountains . Now try to imagine a pastry that broke reveals a sweet red heart that contrasts with the bitterness of black – purple jam and dense of sour cherries . And then cookies, ciammelle to wine, ciammella water , the caciata , the zippole ( typical Christmas pancakes and New Year ) , the loaf of the Saluatore .

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