Solid fragrance

Line composed of 5 pieces to cover every nose and every skin! Formulated with only natural oils and waxes, highly dermo-affine, they are suitable to be applied in every part of the body, without contraindications. Just take a small amount of product with your fingertips, soften it between your fingertips and sprinkle it where you want most: neck, wrists, arms, legs, hair.

Practical twist-off glass jars, 100% recyclable, in "always-with-you" format, contains 30ml of product, for a long lasting pleasure.

Lily of the valley and rose and vanilla. Lemongrass and Tobacco Flowers, the distinctive essence of the beard and mustache line Mr. Echo, for a masculine fragrance. And then, two novelties: Milkshake, a combination of sweetness, with a cream and strawberry flavor, and Glicine e Lillà, a more mature fragrance with a retro hue.

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