Azienda Agricola Coletta Filomena Casino Re

Casino Re brings to your table the typical flavors of the Pontine territory.

It is here that the sun, meeting the hills of Sonnino, gives life to extraordinary crops of olive groves.

The territory has always been famous for the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil and table olives. Casino Re extends for about 14 hectares on a vast, luxuriant hilly area, completely terraced overlooking the splendid Pontine plain.

A long tradition characterizes all of its production, ensuring a range of products made in full respect of the environment according to methods and values of the past.

Casino Re was founded as an ancient fief, originally ceded by the Savoia Dynasty. The local territory (today Sonnino) was for a long time (until the nineteenth century) border territory of the Papal State.

Today the company seals the strong bond with the territory of belonging and therefore with its origins, choosing as a distinctive sign a crown and communicating with it an important value: quality.

The product Casino Re is the result of intense work, dedication, attention used in every single production phase: that's why the choice of the crown.

The brand brings together all the main phases of the olive oil production chain, phases in perfect balance between them, like the structural elements of a crown.

The institutional colors are those of the sun and of the Pontine land that give the characteristic fruit: itrana olive.

Attention to the product begins from the beginning: from the olive tree.

A centuries-old terraced cultivation of 14 hectares, composed of 3200 plants, receives all the attentive care of trained and qualified personnel.

For Casino Re the ancient traditions have great importance: when the right level of ripeness has been reached, the olives are harvested manually as a time not to damage the plants and to preserve the integrity of the fruit.

A careful selection of the harvest is then entrusted to the company's mill: Frantoio F.lli Feudi.

With over sixty years of activity, handed down from father to son, the structure guarantees seriousness, reliability and professionalism of the services, also carrying out third party activities.

In order to guarantee an excellent product, it never takes more than eight hours from harvesting to milling and all the phases of processing and extraction of the oil are carried out by cold mechanical procedures; this guarantees the product to remain whole and not lose its characteristic nutritive and organoleptic properties.

With the ISO 22005/08 certification on "voluntary traceability", Casino Re guarantees the provenance of its products and the entire production cycle, also obtaining a UNAPROL certification for "high quality" products.

Award-winning quality:

The renowned events in the sector and the most competitive contests recognize in the Casino Re product and in the company, great quality and uniqueness, assigning important recognitions that confirm the company's great commitment to keeping the industry standards always high.

Just to name a few:


The DOP Hills Pontine Casino Re is ranked among the first best Italian oils in the official Gambero Rosso guide.


The National Competition "Ercole Olivario" gives a special mention to the DOP Colline Pontine Casino Re.


The National Competition "L'orciolo d'oro" rewards Casino king as the best olive growing company.

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