De Gregoris Gregorio

The De Gregoris Gregorio Olive Growing Company has an activity in the agro-food sector of about 60 years. Located in the municipality of Sonnino, it derives its "green gold" in one of the most renowned areas for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, where the "Itrana" cultivar prevails (for territoriality and production origin, our product is 100 % Italian). The optimal pedoclimatic conditions of the territory, together with the attention for the choice of the olives, their conservation and pressing in our own plants, give our oil a superior quality in reference to the chemical-organoleptic characteristics. The well-marked De Gregoris extra virgin olive oil has peculiar characteristics, such as a medium to intense fruitiness, balanced bitter and spicy notes, very low acidity well below the threshold for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The De Gregoris company also offers the possibility of buying certified oil "Colline Pontine Dop", distinguished by the characteristic hint of green tomato; black and white olives of Gaeta in brine and classic Gaeta olive cream, with basil and spicy.

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