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Latte e Luna is an artisanal factory of natural cosmetics that promotes a lifestyle capable of putting man and the environment at the center of a conscious choice.
Creates a unique cosmetic model that demonstrates its effectiveness beyond the standards represented by the traditional natural market. Latte e Luna proposes itself with an anhydrous product, ie without water in its formulations, which represents a concept as old as it is innovative, capable of giving the skin only what it needs with consistency, respect and love.
Each formula is designed to be effective, lending and versatile, exploiting those that are the true potential of an officinal extract or a pure oil, and in the same gesture is absolutely delicate and protective. Promoting an essential cosmetic approach, made of a few gestures, that gently accompany the rediscovery of the physiological rhythms of your skin, is the company mission.

Every skin is different
This type of product leads you to listen to your skin and to create a direct connection with it, so that you always know what you want, when you want it and how much you want.

Versatility and experimentation
These products are prepared with only natural ingredients, controlled and certified, formulated to be as tolerated as possible on every area of ​​your body. There is always time for a second application
The anhydrous products, unlike those based on water, should be applied in small doses (usually up to 10 times less).

Never be afraid to massage
The cream is applied with energy: it activates the microcirculation and facilitates its absorption. 30 seconds are enough

This is the average application time for a milk and moon cream. If after this period of time there is still product on the skin, it should be removed and the next time the amount applied should be reduced again. Each skin absorbs differently.

Use the scoop
The product is unlikely to be attacked by bacteria, but it is advisable not to pollute it during use and take it with a clean pallet, which will also help you to determine your dose.

Thoroughly clean
Each cream, if applied to perfectly cleansed skin, has an active yield of more than 80%.

Cleaning tools
If you use oils to cleanse, remember to apply them in drops on a washed and squeezed wash / sponge that, thanks to the emulsion generated, dissolves and removes deep dirt and impurities accumulated on the skin.

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