Molino Cipolla

The history of this company began with Cesare Cipolla who in 1928 bought from the Spezzaferro family, also from Terracina, the structure of the stone mill that already produced quality flours for Terracina and the surrounding areas since the 16th century.
Cesare introduced his product as "The ancient flour and dough".
From a first grinding to stone, it was passed in 1972 to diagonal mills by the will of Antonio who at that time had the management of the mill.
The first technological improvements in production date back to 2004. Thanks to the introduction of modern machinery, an efficient computerized management of the working chain has been realized in compliance with the current regulations on hygiene and safety.
In 2011 the new storage plant was built, while from 2013, thanks to the new automatic and independent packaging system, any external contamination is avoided to the final product.
Now in its fourth generation, the Cipolla family continues today to have a meticulous attention to what is the raw material, a fundamental element for a high quality product.
The soft wheat strictly cultivated with natural methods and produced in Italy gives life to a wide selection of flour, each of which is ideal for specific preparations, from the flour "00" for bread and pizza to those excellent for the preparation of desserts, from corn for polenta to that of whole wheat or durum wheat semolina.

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