Sapori del Mare 2

Sapori del Mare is a company that produces and markets fish products.

We carry out the processing of the raw material with classical techniques that include essential phases in manual development.
We have a great experience in the fish industry, with a wide range of products in oil both in glass and in a refrigerated counter, able to satisfy every type of customer.
Since the beginning of its activity, this company has set itself as main objectives: production efficiency and customer protection.
In order to achieve these goals, our constant commitment is aimed at continuously improving the overall efficiency of the production process, the technological level, the quality standards of our products, and always being sensitive to customer needs.
Above all, we work to ensure that all the health and hygiene standards laid down for the handling and preservation of foodstuffs are observed.
We are convinced that, given the constant evolution of the market, being chosen and appreciated means distinguishing itself in terms of efficiency, quality, price and taste.

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