Un Mare Di Sapori

A Sea of ​​Flavors was born as a natural evolution of the Farm of Musella Pina, which together with her husband (Andrea Biondo), united by the passions for the countryside and for good and healthy eating, and driven by the desire to rediscover the traditions and tastes of territory, since 1997 have taken the first steps towards the production of the typical product of excellence of Ventotene: "his majesty the lentil".
In 2005 the Azienda Agricola Musella was founded. Today, with a path as hard as it was extraordinary, today it has grown to about 10 hectares of land.
With so much tenacity and stubbornness we managed to overcome some of the many difficulties represented by a very small and fractional territory such as Ventotene, but our "challenge" is to bring back to the table the ancient and unique flavors that our volcanic soil, favored also from a good climatic exposure, it gives us.
This is how our production has also expanded to other legumes, such as cicerchia, chickpeas, broad beans, beans, capers and oregano.
With the birth of A Sea of ​​Flavors, where we give the opportunity to taste our products on site, in 2010, we also created "goodies" in the laboratory such as "the sweet lentil" (biscuit with lentil flour) or "rays di sole "(delicious shortcrust pastry scented with our lemons); and then they could not miss, at the end of a good meal, our liqueurs: "the bitter to the rocket", the fruit of wild rocket, which grows spontaneously after the lentil harvest, and the "fennel liqueur", made with fennel that in spring hovers all over the island.

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