Rosé wine and the new trend

For a long time rosé or rosé wine in Italy has been overshadowed by the great reds and the famous whites, but today it is back in fashion thanks to its delicate and more or less fruity flavors that can be combined with many dishes and exploited for aperitifs and evenings with friends. Rosé is not necessarily pink. Rosé wines vary in color from onion peel to near-red: it depends on time of maceration, vine, aging. Between the two extremes there is almost every shade of pink, a pantone wide enough to challenge every Barbie accessory ever created.

Rosé is not a wine for young ladies. The notion of “women’s wine” is ridiculous, sexist and mortifying. No one should consider it acceptable that a “feminine” wine should be offered at the restaurant or in the wine shop.

Too bad that even in this circumstance, one of the participants at the round table on rose wines suggested that “certainly rosé is a wine for women, as women are ambassadors of beauty”.

Rosé goes very well with the whole meal – it’s not just an aperitif wine.
Among other things, aperitif wine does not exist. At the aperitif you can drink the Martini Cocktail, have fun even more. In the eno-gastronomic field it is not only combined with fish.
In these times, if you say “match” the wine people look up to the sky, probably out of tiredness and reaction to traditional teaching with its geometries “Connect the dots”. Great moment, in short, for what is called “matching to English”, or rather as you like, as it is a very versatile wine. It goes very well with pizza and often better than whites and reds. rosato vino

The best method to appreciate it is certainly not to drink it iced but fresh.
To clarify: no wine should be drunk frozen. Fresh, yes, but a good wine holds a couple of degrees more. The temperature is one of the best tests to subject an unknown wine: if it seemed pleasant when it was extracted from the fridge and a few minutes later, you are in the presence of a wine that does not speak of itself.

As is obvious, there is a bad rosy around (especially in supermarkets) but good ones have the best price-quality ratio ever. Which is surprising, since the production techniques of a rosé are no longer simple or less expensive than those used for a white or a red.

Rosé wines, which offer fresh aromas and particular tastes, suitable to be served at temperatures similar to those of whites (but not frozen remember it always) and then perfect to combine with fresh and summer dishes such as salads, cheeses, pastries and cold rice vegetable base.

Excellent pairing with cheeses that offers many possibilities or with dishes based on fish, pasta dishes or soups, excellent with crustaceans. We tried it on pizza and its pairing is perfect. Now you just have to try it!

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