sabaudia_mussoliniSabaudia is located about 100 km south of Rome, is located on the lake of Paola and is immersed in the Circeo National Park from which it derives a certain reputation.
Sabaudia is also known as, thanks to its prerogatives tourist is chosen each year as a holiday resort by many celebrities from the world of culture and entertainment.
Sabaudia was born in 1934 following the reclamation of the Pontine Marshes by the fascist government. Its geographical location was not chosen at random: the goal was in fact to build the ideal holiday resort for elite tourism. Sabaudia is without doubt one of the best examples of architecture “rationalist”.

Piazza del Comune The linear and simple shapes of the buildings, the wide streets, open squares and bright in this city are the goal and subject of studies by architects and urban planners from all over the world.
The city was built around the Piazza del Comune in which resides the City Hall, whose tower, 42 meters high, dominates and serves as a reference for the surrounding area and its inhabitants. Around the perimeter of the Piazza del Comune are other perfectly rationalist style buildings such as the House of Fascism (current headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza), the OND, the cinema and the hotel.