Why join ?

Our portal stands as a great means of communication towards the various suppliers, all this to enhance the area and the magnificent products of excellence that we have. Unique in this, our portal will be addressed to all the people like us who have chosen to return to the grocery store with healthy products by purchasing them directly from the manufacturer without going through supermarkets.

Affiliate means having
and immediately a number of key activities for local economic development as:
• Having a dedicated space where to learn about the company
• Having a dedicated space where to promote products
• Having a dedicated space where to sell the products throughout Italy without having to think about how and when to do it, because we will do it for you
• Participate in free association events pontine products
• Free Advertising on social networks
• Free Newspaper advertisements
• Becoming part of a network of producers pontine Web
• Enhancing the localestrettamani territory
• Our partners will use your products to obtain the best value